Cloud cameras market Analysis and Forecast up to 2027

Cloud Camera Market Introduction

  • Cloud cameras are Wi-Fi based, wireless surveillance cameras that enable the storage of video footage on cloud. The videos captured by the cloud camera are accessible at any time irrespective of location. Cloud cameras help in communication which was not possible in traditional surveillance cameras. Live streaming and remote viewing can also be achieved with the help of cloud cameras. Cloud cameras have a wide range of applications as they are smart security cameras.
  • The cloud camera market expanded steadily in the initial phase. The market has been expanding significantly due to the increasing awareness about the technology. Cloud cameras are also used for baby monitoring; this field has growing adoption of cloud cameras as real time streaming is provided to the user. Cloud cameras have different indoor and outdoor applications.

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Market Dynamics: Cloud Camera Market

Increasing security concerns and demand for video surveillance

  • Ongoing threat of global terrorism or instances of simple weapon-based threats and armed robbery continues to be a constant risk in regard to security and safety around the world. Cloud cameras have a significant role in security as it enables suspects to be identified quickly and can present useful evidence. It is possible to use analytics and facial recognition technology in surveillance cameras, which can further link to driver license databases.
  • Video surveillance has risen in this technologically dominated era as a favored mode of law enforcement. It is highly beneficial for governments and law enforcement agencies in general to uphold social control, monitor and identify threats, and avoid or investigate criminal activities. Thus, security and safety is always expected to be a top priority for the residential and commercial sector as well as for individuals due to increasing crime rate.

Increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IOT) globally

  • Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) are flourishing at a significant rate due to technological advancements in various industry verticals. These advancements are also implemented in high end cloud cameras and are thus thriving the cloud camera market at a significant rate. Analytics is used in cloud cameras for Natural Language Processing (NLP), face recognition, and Artificial Intelligence. A lot of data is captured and the data is analyzed.
  • The concept of IoT is to connect any device with the help of the Internet, enabling them to communicate with each other. Several sensors have to be located in different devices to generate data to achieve this.  The application base of cloud cameras is also increasing currently, with its use cases being baby monitoring, traffic monitoring, automatic number plate recognition, etc.

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